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Reshoevn8r Shoe Crease Protection Guards

Reshoevn8r Shoe Crease Protection Guards

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Stop walking like a duck…it’s embarrassing! If you've been waddling around to stop your shoes from creasing, try RESHOEVN8R Crease Protectors instead.

Got a pair of Jordan 1s that you can’t stop from creasing? What about some Air Force 1s that have seen better days? Crease Protectors work great on the most popular shoes out there.  

 These breathable, flexible Crease Protectors will stop creasing and hold the shape of your shoes while on foot or in storage.  

 Pro tip: Order your kicks in a half size larger to make room for crease protectors to provide the ultimate level of comfort.

(Men's US) Size Guide:

Small: Sizes 6 - 9

Medium: Sizes 9.5 - 12

(Women's US) Size Guide: 

Small: Sizes 7-10

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